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HESPERUS Smart 1 Button Remote Switch, Capacitive Touch, Blue LED, White


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• Slim (11mm plate depth), contemporary design with
choice of 15 luxury colours
• Polished glass fascia suitable for hygienic practices
• UV stabilised to avoid discolouring
• Capacitive touch buttons can be programmed to
perform a variety of in-room and whole home control
functions, for remote control of all KASTA devices
• Button labelling: text can be custom-engraved on the
fascia for a personalised design
• Flexibility to program and re-program during and
after commissioning
• 8-way multiway control with KASTA dimmer/switch
• Short press for ON/OFF control
• Long press for dimming or fan speed control
• Reliable Bluetooth® mesh network connectivity to all
your KASTA devices
• Fits standard first fix mounting accessories
(e.g. C-clips, nail brackets, wall boxes)
• Flush mounting centres (not recessed) for quicker
• Backed off terminal screws and deep tunnels allow
fast fitment of cables
• Insulated screw caps hinged to the grid plate to
provide IP2X rating on mounting screws
• iOS and Android app setup and control
• 3 year warranty