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Kasta Smart Dry Contact Output Module


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• Supports Pulse and Toggle control modes with
ON/AUTO OFF and ON/OFF options
• Suitable for interconnection with Class I, Class II or
Class III equipment
• 5-wire connection for power, load and switch
mechanism (momentary or toggle)
• 4 output modes - 1s, 6s and 9s pulse ON (auto OFF)
and toggle ON/OFF - default setting is 1s pulse
• Control third-party equipment such as garage doors,
motorised gates, irrigation systems etc.
• Reliable Bluetooth® mesh network connectivity to all
KASTA devices
• 8-way multiway control
• Short press (or toggle) on input S1 or S2 to activate
ON state
• Built-in over-voltage protection, with maximum 30
second run time
• Supports core KASTA functionality - control devices,
groups, scenes, timers and scheduling
• Suits all Australian standard wall plates using a
momentary or toggle mechanism
• iOS and Android app setup and control
• 3 year warranty