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Kasta Home Automation

Home automation. Simplified.

KASTA Technologies offer attractive point of difference to the homeowners and builders with smart home controls and automation from the front kerb of the house to the back yard and all within the home.

• Simplify the home control & automation design
• Reduced installation time and cost
• Added benefit of individual or future scalable needs
• Offering a complete aesthetic solution throughout the home to meet lifestyle, budget and design style

Easy to set-up. Seamless in integration.

KASTA can integrate with other smart control systems to allow flexibility in whole-home smart eco-systems.


The People

With a combined 100+ years of experience within the technology, residential and commercial development industries respectively, the team at KASTA Technologies is well versed in what is required to ensure best-in-class success when partnering with our customers, whilst assisting to deliver their opportunities and solutions to the highest standard. 

This is proven by their investment into the resources necessary to create, distribute, support and promote the most advanced connected technologies in the market.


    • A multi-skilled management team driving innovation and change throughout the company to project into the market and customer community.

    • An experienced business development team to assist our customers on a journey of mutual growth and success.

    • A dynamic and knowledgeable sales and technical support division to ensure project management meets all timeline milestone, while offering further technical support quickly and concisely.

  • A well informed and progressive research and development team that understands future trends and requirements to enable connected environments. All innovation is proudly researched, developed and executed in Australia but relevant around the globe.


KASTA technology is strongly committed to the principles of highest quality R&D, design, engineering, manufacturing and service. The team work continuously to deliver customers the latest in software and electrical control technologies. We understand it’s crucial to not just keep pace with the industry’s improvements in technology, but to exceed it with numerous innovation patents on its products. This ensures that for when KASTA gets deployed in the market, they are offering an unparalleled and advanced solution to their intended market or customers. Plus, that it can generate a return on investment on the asset from a pre or post expenditure standing.  


Design Driven

Taking research from their team across the world where design is a signature and inspirational is a way of life – Italy, UK and the world’s most recognisable architectural structures to say the least, have provide KASTA Technologies with a design flavour unique unto itself. Suiting and seamlessly fitting in with any décor but being able to stand out proud and exposing the experience that lies within a touch of a button. You know it’s something special when a KASTA Smart Switch is on the wall.


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